The Geographic Information Student Collective (GISC) is an ongoing project focused on the compiling, learning, and teaching of mapping knowledge. Currently, our efforts are focused on finding and writing tutorials focused on our technological environment and how it is created. This website is our brainchild, an ever-evolving source for our findings, a platform for our curiosity in the GIS and web-mapping world. The source of our knowledge comes from everywhere; school, the internet, our jobs, and most importantly, each other. Our goal is to understand our digital environment, how to set it up, and how to manipulate it with an impossibly huge network of languages, programs, and software. We’re an ambiguously diverse collective with a single goal. To understand. Bring what you have and take what you want. This is collective learning. If you have a topic you want to post or are just wanting to get involved in some way contact us at giscollective@gmail.com


Lyzi Diamond

Education Specialist, Mapbox

lyzidiamond.com @lyzidiamond

Sam Matthews

Engineer, Mapbox

mapsam.com @vancematthews

Chandler Sterling

GIS Analyst, City of Pasadena, CA

chandlersterling.com @chandlersterlin