D3 is a javascript data visualization library made for modern web browsers. It introduces data into dynamically created SVG canvas elements. While D3 can be used for many information graphics, this series focuses on D3.Geo, which is the geographic component of the library. Most processes will have a live version running on bl.ocks.org, which runs files from gist.github.com.

Main Course

  1. Introduction & Setup. Establish your D3 environment on your local computer for testing and creating your products before pushing them live.
  2. Topojson
  3. Basemap
  4. Projections
  5. Topojson Interaction
  6. Queue.js
  7. Labels
  8. Proportional Symbols

Helpful Resources

  1. Installing MAMP. Setting up a local server environment for server-side language testing.
  2. GDAL/OGR Installation
  3. Chandler’s GDAL/OGR Python Library