GISC has a home

We’ve been working on our own webpage for quite some time. But remember, we’re learning this as we go and were running into too many barriers limiting how dynamic our website could be; [enter] WordPress. We want more than just ourselves to be able to interact with what we’ve got here. The content management system will allow just that. Once we stabilize we hope to have people post on a whole range of topics right from your own computer. For this community to learn collectively, our inputs can’t be from the same place every week (by desloge). That’s our theory and this is our answer. You’ll notice the website will change over the next couple weeks, and will continue to evolve from here on out because as we learn more the site will ‘cement’ itself into a more consistent format. This is our new table for a collective meal of GIS and web-mapping treats and we hope you find it useful and enjoyable. More importantly, we hope you find yourself wanting to be a part of the learning and teaching process. Welcome to the collective. – Sam Matthews