Google Web Fonts

Sick of using the standard web-safe fonts programmed into your browser? So are we. There’s a few different ways to tackle bringing in your own typeface for a website, but this one is the simplest so far. Google has a whole server of web fonts out there, which you can freely choose, link, and use. You’ll find there 500+ fonts cross the board in style but all integrate in a simple, quick way. You’ll first find the font you’re interested in and “Add To Collection” – click “Quick Use” and you’ll find a page simply giving you the link to put into the head of your HTML page.

The code for your HTML

will be:</p>
<link href='<strong>YOUR_CHOSEN_FONT</strong> rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

When you are using the specific typeface in your CSS, you’ll simply use the ‘font-family’ call and paste what google gives you as an integration code. For example:

#full {
    font-family: 'Source Code Pro', sans-serif;

There you have it! Simple fonts. Pretty web pages.