Web Mapping Services Introduction

An educational series by Carl Sack, July, 2012.

Welcome to my introductory series on web map services. These aren’t designed to be comprehensive, but rather are a beginner’s guide to what’s out there that I’ve been researching (as a beginner) over the past few weeks. It is a “living document” to which there may be future updates as I learn more. I was prompted to put it together by a need I had for work that was unfulfilled by any current resource I could find on the web or in print. I hope that it can prove useful for those just getting started with web maps and not sure what to use given the dizzying and quickly-growing slew of tools available.

The work that made this series possible was funded by the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute. The original posts can also be viewed on the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas Blog.

Here’s a basic table of contents:

  1. WMS: The Standard That Isn’t
  2. Tile Maps & APIs
  3. Public Tile Services
  4. Open-source JavaScript Libraries
  5. GIS Data Storage
  6. Making Tiles
  7. Serving Your Map
  8. SDI-in-a-Box: Web Mapping Frameworks