Update to the website

Hey folks,

If you haven’t noticed by viewing this post, we’ve made some changes to the website. As we learn more and more about web development, we learn more and more about how to change the GISC site. The content hasn’t changed. Just the layout and look. There may be more changes over the next few weeks as we work out the kinks and get back to a fluid work-flow – you’ve been warned!

There has actually been one change to the content. What was “Hotkey Weekly” is now “Quick Tips” in the tutorials section. These quick tips are going to encompass more than just hotkeys (which will still be there) – they’ll be fast tips that we find ourselves using frequently and think you should as well. Check out the page, with a new post on Google Web Fonts and how they can add more spice to your web pages. Find your favorite font on the Google Web Fonts Page.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Keep on mugging.