Re-booting the GISC

laughitudeChandler and I have been off the GISC grid for a while. I’m up in Seattle doing contract work for Google Maps during the day, but enjoy my evenings leading and creating through Situated Laboratories – founded with Rich Donohue. Chandler is living down in LA and working his socks off as a GIS technician with Fuscoe Engineering and managing to keep the tunage in his day-to-day with newly founded band, “Oh, Boy!”

We’ve been acclimating to our new cities and have struggled to keep the GISC on its feet – thanks to those who helped out back on campus. We’re going to try our best to bring the tree that is the GISC back into bloom as we roll into spring. We’ll be focusing less on the standardization our ideas and more on the sharing of them. We’re going to keep it simple from here.

Over the winter I put together a spoof ad campaign for the website, which I’m happy to still have the chance to use. I’ll post the next couple over the course of our re-boot so keep your eyes peeled for some inspirational mapping advertisements.